Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor is a way of exploring the world, and it helps me see beauty wherever I go. I hope my art may provide a similar experience for those with whom I share it with.20150312_181309

I live in Springfield, Oregon, with my wife Lisa and our two cats, Chai and Mocha. I blog here and I can be reached here.

Prints of much of the artwork included on this website are available on my Etsy page.

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About Me

I enjoy painting from life, especially landscapes and figures. I love watercolor for its vivid hues and the strange liquid shapes that the medium creates. Watercolor involves the artist, the paint brush, the “vision” or the thing being created….and then there is the water. Sometimes water acts like “its own artist” or “with a mind of its own.” I think this is part of the challenge and the beauty of water color. It is so simple, too, and I love the way I can put everything in a back pack and go outside and paint. More…

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